Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello Spring!

Wait a minute, it's only February? It has to be 70 degrees outside right now! I was just reading twitter posts from friends who have snow outside their windows!  It's so warm here I had to go back inside and put a short sleeved shirt on!  This coming summer will be the first where Kaylee can run through sprinklers on the grass and I am so looking forward to introducing that activity to her.  But as much as I think today is "hot", we'll stick to a fully clothed activity until it warms up even more.

Kaylee (2.5) loves anything to do with water.  So much so that she takes baths just for fun and wants to brush her teeth five times a day so she can run the water and use her cup.  So today, for an easy water activity I grabbed an empty plastic bin, added 3 inches of water and the following everyday items:
  • legos - because they're colorful and float
  • beach toys - to pour water with 
  • funnel - to pour water from a cup into it and watch it pour out the bottom
  • turkey baster - to teach the squeezing and releasing actions
  • cinnamon roll icing cup - just because 
  • measuring cup - to pour water with
  • colorful buttons - fine motor skills, they sink and are harder to grab in water
  • and red Solo cups - because I thought it was funny that 10 years ago red solo cups had an entirely different use in my life...
The little purple and pink beads are waterbeads.  Normally they're in a bin of their own but I threw a few in for fun.

It's been 45 minutes and she's still playing...although now she's IN the bin.

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