Saturday, July 30, 2011

A new hobby

My sewing room is next door to Kaylee's room and although she usually sleeps through my sewing, there are times she does wake up. So I've decided not to sew at night to make sure she gets a full nights sleep. But what I've found is that I'm very bored after she goes to bed! My A.D.D.(truly diagnosed) kicks into high gear when I try to sit and watch tv or a movie with my husband in the evenings. I'm normally on the laptop throughout an entire movie, or up doing things and I typically miss out on key parts and my poor husband has to explain things to me. So I've decided to take up knitting! I'm hoping it will keep my brain and hands busy while still allowing me to focus on the tv! We'll see...

My sister suggested finding a tutorial on youtube so here's my first attempt, 30 minutes worth of work so far. Watch out...everyone is getting scarves and washcloths for Christmas!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kaylee's 2nd Birthday party

When I had Kaylee, I decided that I would make her birthday dress every year until she wants a store bought one.  I figure if I resign myself now to the fact that she will indeed prefer a store bought one someday, it won't sting as much when she says it officially.  For now, I can pick the colors and pattern although I do look forward to the years that she gets excited about picking the pattern and fabrics herself, and maybe even helping me sew!

This year I found my pattern and immediately knew I wanted to do black and white damask with purple accents.  I have no idea why that came to me, other than the fact that Kaylee looks good in purple.  So I made this dress with my amazingly helpful sewing teacher, Nancy.  The dress spurred my love (obsession) of damask and so the party theme was created.

Flowers: Mandy Haak of We Like Flowers Twitter: WeLikeFlowers
Happy Birthday banner: Ooh LaLa Crafts Twitter: Ooh_LaLa_Crafts
Cupcake toppers: Ooh LaLa Crafts Twitter: Ooh_LaLa_Crafts
Paper Straws: Hey Yo Yo Facebook: Hey-Yo-Yo
Cake: Annika (a 13 year old cake baking genius! She hand piped the damask!)
DressKayteedids couture (aka mom) Twitter: KayteedidsShop Facebook: KayteedidsShop

Food: mom and friends
Water Bottle labels: mom
Pinwheels and gift bags: mom and friends