Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Shower

I had the pleasure of co-hosting my cousin's baby shower this past weekend.  When I begged was asked to help I immediately hit Pinterest for inspiration.  Oh how I LOVE Pinterest!!  The nursery colors are yellow and grey for a sweet little guy arriving soon and so that became our theme!

The invitations were fun and easy.  I was trying to go with a bicycle theme (since mom & dad are triathletes!) but I couldn't find any bike stickers or punches.  Bummer!  I remembered that my cousin had mentioned some cute elephant fabric she had purchased for an accent piece in the nursery and so I ran with that thanks to a Martha Stewart punch.

I also decided that I absolutely needed a Cricut machine to do these decorations right.  Oh how I LOVE my Cricut machine!  So with a cute idea from Apartment Therapy (found on Pinterest) in mind, I created this:
The circles are 5" in diameter and went home with the new mama to find a home in the nursery or in her future scrapbooking, or really whatever her heart desires.

Also on Pinterest I found Bump Smitten's blog where you can download an entire yellow and grey elephant themed baby shower!  I picked a few pieces such as these two mellow baby shower games.
                   ...and this cute elephant!

I used the Cricut to cut out Drake's name.  Since I'm new at "Cricutting" I ended up with a lot of extra letters in sizes I wasn't trying for.  But never fear, I found uses for them!

Sister of the mom-to-be, aka Aunt Kelly, hosted the shower at her house and did all the food!  I must say this was the best way to do a shower.  I got to do the fun crafty stuff and I didn't have to clean my house or cook!  We made a great team!  Her scrambled egg & bacon mini quiches were amazing and I'm craving them as I type this!  Cranberry & Orange muffins, Blueberry with Brown Sugar muffins, fruit salad (oops, it's missing from the picture), coffee, and kind of breakfast/brunch!

(more "extra" Cricut letters on the mirror and over the present table)

We also had an inspirational craft for the mom-to-be.  You guessed it, this was also inspired by Pinterest!

In the invitation I included this note:

Prior to the shower I taped ribbons onto cardboard for easier writing ability.  We used fabric markers to each write our messages for the soon-to-be mama.
(disclaimer: This is not the full Bible verse, I messed up while 
writing this one for someone else and started over on another ribbon)

And here is the finished craft!  Each ribbon has a verse or quote from the friends and family who attended the shower.  They were tied onto an extra large key ring (4" diameter) and can hang in the nursery anytime Mom needs a bit of moms know what I'm talking about!

We all had a wonderful time and I feel so blessed to be a part of the family I am.  I forgot to take pictures of the blanket I made for baby Drake but I used this Michael Miller print: