Friday, February 24, 2012


Go ahead, call me a genius...I'm pretty sure I'm the first person to discover this trick.  I bought 36 yrds of butcher twine for a baby shower invitation project but I needed it cut in 36" pieces.  I painstakingly measured my first piece with a 12" ruler, cut it, then continued to measure a piece and cut.  After two pieces cut I thought to myself "I wish John were home so I could make him stand here with his fingers 36" apart and wind the twine around them to cut all at once"...and then I proceeded to measure and cut another piece.  Then I thought to myself "Too bad I don't have a 36" piece of cardboard" and proceeded to measure and cut another piece.  And THEN it finally hit me, "use a yardstick Kate"!  Genius!  Feel free to pat me on the back for discovering this trick for need to tell me that Noah used the same trick when cutting rope for the ark...

 Yay! All the same length!

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