Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kaylee's 2nd Birthday party

When I had Kaylee, I decided that I would make her birthday dress every year until she wants a store bought one.  I figure if I resign myself now to the fact that she will indeed prefer a store bought one someday, it won't sting as much when she says it officially.  For now, I can pick the colors and pattern although I do look forward to the years that she gets excited about picking the pattern and fabrics herself, and maybe even helping me sew!

This year I found my pattern and immediately knew I wanted to do black and white damask with purple accents.  I have no idea why that came to me, other than the fact that Kaylee looks good in purple.  So I made this dress with my amazingly helpful sewing teacher, Nancy.  The dress spurred my love (obsession) of damask and so the party theme was created.

Flowers: Mandy Haak of We Like Flowers Twitter: WeLikeFlowers
Happy Birthday banner: Ooh LaLa Crafts Twitter: Ooh_LaLa_Crafts
Cupcake toppers: Ooh LaLa Crafts Twitter: Ooh_LaLa_Crafts
Paper Straws: Hey Yo Yo Facebook: Hey-Yo-Yo
Cake: Annika (a 13 year old cake baking genius! She hand piped the damask!)
DressKayteedids couture (aka mom) Twitter: KayteedidsShop Facebook: KayteedidsShop

Food: mom and friends
Water Bottle labels: mom
Pinwheels and gift bags: mom and friends

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  1. omg amaaaazing! that dress is adorable and the entire party to die for! love! good job, mama!