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Favorite Finds for Kids!

**This is a copy of the guest blog post I did for Eisley Rae Clothing Blog**

Hi! I'm Kate of Kayteedids Couture, a boutique full of snuggly baby blankets! My husband, daughter and I live on the outskirts of Raleigh, NC but we are originally from San Jose, CA.  My mom taught me to sew at an early age and now that I have a daughter of my own, I have rekindled my passion for sewing and creating.  I am enjoying getting to know other moms who also have a love of sewing or being crafty (like Alyson here at Eisley Rae!).  I also LOVE to share new things and support fellow handmade sellers!

So with that, onto my Favorite Finds for Kids!  The retail world definitely knows how to market to new moms.  Every time I see a fancy toy with bright colors and all the bells and whistles I say “Oh! Kaylee NEEDS this!”  It sings, it dances, it flashes colored lights…you’d think I was still a kid too!  Kaylee is 21 months old and I’m still learning that even when we bring home that fancy toy, she still prefers her wooden blocks, her books, and her favorite loveys.  When I sit down to build a tower, put puzzles together, and read a book with her I realize that these are the priceless moments.  The quality moments where I watch my daughter’s fine motor skills develop, hear the subtle new words that come out in her chitter chatter, and see her personality come to life.  I’d love to showcase my favorite shops who lovingly handcraft items that I think are true necessities for all children and mommies, starting from birth.  And none of them needed flashing lights to drawn my attention!


Paul Chung on Etsy
Your baby might not care how you decorate his or her nursery, but you sure do!  And how cute would a nursery be with these Alphabet Letters!  Or think about your 2 and 3 year old learning their ABC’s with these on the walls of the playroom!!  Paul Chung creates these adorable digital art prints that you can purchase individually or in sets.

I also love this shop because Paul Chung is a DAD!  It warms my heart to see artistic Dads in the handmade world.


For a soon-to-be new mom, Diaper Bags can be a difficult item to register for and buy.  But not at Sewn Creations!  These are designed and made by a mom who knows from experience what you really need in a diaper bag! 

But what really got me are the ADORABLE Sewn Creations toddler backpacks!  I will be ordering one soon for our trip to California this summer.  How cute to see my little 2 year old (in June) walking through the airport with this on her back, carrying her OWN snacks, blanket and stuffed puppy!


Junie None on Etsy
At Junie None you will find the most amazing quilts and baby quilts that you will ever lay eyes on.  I can attest to their high quality too!  I have a Junie None Playmat AND Baby Quilt! The Playmat is so versatile…from tummy time as an infant to a picnic blanket at the park!

The little quilt is just the perfect size to snuggle your little one in their carseat or stroller, and can easily be carried around as they grow!! 

Heather at Junie None is as sweet as can be and you can bet your quilt will be made with more love than it can possibly hold!  And mommies, there are quilts in your size too!  Check out her shop for so much more!


Tiny Giraffe on Etsy
You MUST visit Tiny Giraffe’s shop!  Amy handcrafts wooden blocks that are to die for!  These are a great gift for babies and toddlers!  Building with blocks develops fine motor skills and what better way to be practicing than with Tiny Giraffe blocks!  Check out her Easter Basket Goodies for fun ideas of sweet gifts to put in your child’s Easter basket this year!

I’d also like to add that these blocks would make amazingly cute décor in ANYONE’s room or house!  You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these!

I love unique stuffed animals.  Actually I love all stuffed animals, but I especially enjoy the animals that you typically don’t find in stores.  So I immediately fell in love with the Mateo & Tobias Woodland Creatures!  Raccoons, Crocodiles, Foxes, Oh My! 

What is even more exciting is that when you go to Mateo & Tobias for the animals, I promise you will get lost in all of their other listings for such fun décor and artwork!


This is a new and budding business that I know will go far!  Affordable custom T-shirts for boys and girls of all ages!  All of their designs are hand sewn with an eye for detail!  These are a great way to spice up your little boy’s wardrobe or personalize your daughter’s very own princess!

Lena and Lauren have kids of their own and know how hard it is to find that "exact shirt" you're looking for.  They are a JOY to work with and are so crafty I guarantee you'll be more than please with their designs!  Head over to the Sew4Him Custom Creations facebook page to say hi!

littleandbigK on Etsy
My friend went to Australia this year on vacation and bought Kaylee this super cute Kangaroo shirt at a local craft mart!  Lo and behold they are an Etsy shop!  These shirts are amazing quality, so soft and sturdy, and the designs are too cute!  I love the "baseball" look to the t-shirts!

I can also attest to the long lasting quality of both the shirt AND the design printing.  I have washed Kaylee's numerous times without a hint of color fading or cracking!  Impressive!

THANKS FOR READING!  I hope I've inspired you to shop handmade! Please come visit my Zibbet shop or the Kayteedids Couture facebook page! I'd also love to meet you on Twitter @KayteedidsShop

*All photos are property of the shops listed and have been used with permission of the shop owners.

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  1. Very happy to be featured here Kate! Your shop is so cute - all those fun things for girls!