Hi! My name is Kate and I'm the owner and sole employee of Kayteedids couture.  I am a woman of God, a Wife, and a Stay At Home Mom.  Those are my most important roles in life.  After that, Kayteedids couture is what I love to do in my spare time.  

I enjoy making baby blankets for the special babies in your lives!  My grandma taught my mom to sew, and my mom taught me to sew. I am enjoying continuing on with the skills they both instilled in me and even though both of them have passed away I find joy in knowing that they would be proud of Kayteedids.

Growing up my dad nicknamed me Katydid (yes, like the bug) and that is the inspiration behind the name. Since I'm not a fan of bugs, my husband came up with the cute spelling change to Kayteedids.  

Before having my daughter in June 2009, I hadn't really settled on items to make. Having a child has opened my eyes to the world of fun things that kids and moms "need"! The items in my shop are inspired by kids, especially my own. :)

My 5 year goal is to be selling my blankets in shopfronts in Southern California, specifically the Los Angeles areas.